FTV Showcase


After a very successful launch by a well known business entrepreneur in 2007, Fashion TV successfully operated for a few years before being passed on to a second group.Lee Levy from Cape Town with his business partners took over FTV a few years later and had phenomenal success on launch evening with over 1200 guests arriving within 24 hour notice of Invitation by personal telephone calls from Mr Lee Levy. (When Lee calls you to invite you to an event, you run)

Fashion TV was well known for its parking of Exotic Sports Cars especially teh 3 Lamborghini’s of Lee Levy Cape Town with a huge variety of sports cars from friends with Ferrari’s, Porsche, Aston Martins often paving the front entrance of Fashion TV. FTV attracted the most beautiful guests from around the world and certainly showcased the very best of the Modelling Industry in Cape Town and no guess who had his hand in all these industries but Mr Lee Levy.

FTV created such a buzz for Guest List entry that you would have had to be a VVVIP to find your name thereon or else be turned away at the door by the friendliest of Security Staff. The interior had a fresh face lift in early 2010 and with the freshness, came fresh and younger more beautiful staff too. FTV often showcased the biggest New Years Evening parties in conjunction with Top Radio Stations, DJ’s and celebrities all making their way up the red carpet that was always there at entrance and for the no-name person to drool from a distance.

International Muay-Thai Championship fights often found the car park a huge interest and set fighting ring with glamorous event evenings with Lee Levy’s Lamborghini’s or Aston Martin’s with his Racing cars and friends exotic and racing cars parked around the fighting ring itself. Tickets to these events were always a sell-out!!

It is hard to associate Fashion TV Cape Town without having Lee Levy’s name thrown in there somewhere as he certainly had the hugest and sell-out parties known to Cape Town.