Rush! Magazine The Intro


My continued writing on positives, love, business advice and guidance seemed to have paid off when I was approached by The Owner of this magazine. We share mutual friends who mentioned the quality of my writing on Facebook and we arranged a meeting the same day he called.

Needless to say, within 30 minutes RUSH MAGAZINE offered me a contract which I accepted and BOOM- I have my own Monthly Column on BUSINESS incorporating the message of Love & Light without the reader being aware of the tone. The article is written in English and Rush has a translator who translates into Russian.

My First article which appeared in January 2013 issue, featured my Specialty – The Spa Industry and was a Four Page article. The Article featured The Phenomenal Myths & Truths about The Spa Industry in Dubai and Middle East and was very well received by readers in the Middle East as well as in Russia.

I also wrote a two Full Page on Dubai Top Model Search with beautiful Colour photo on the winner. The February Issue will be about The Valentin’s promise that every person deserves Love & Happiness and I write on the contrast of how this is the only period when Retailers and Customers are both happy. The customer wont argue about price as he wants to pay as much as he can to prove his love is worth it and the retailer’s profit margins are very high to maximize the opportunity. I also speak of the tradition Valentine has with LOVE over the many years.

Rush Magazine have asked me to do a Monthly Extravaganza Ball with them flowing from one City in The Middle East to another.

I am grateful for all the continued success flowing through me.

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