The Man

Lee Levy

To most people I know, their lives are nothing but a continuous cycle of events that has a yoyo effect with extreme highs and very low lows.Lee Levy is known to be fearless at everything and I constantly challenge myself to even huger life rewards.

The Lee Levy from Cape Town was once the Rebel everyone loved to see, hear and create the hardest parties and live the extreme lifestyle that many only see in movies and on tv.

I did more substances than everyone I know together and I have no regrets nor am I ashamed of anything I did. From owning Fashion TV Partnership with a great friend who was tragically and horrifically taken away from us, coffee shops, spa, salons, showrooms, executive Sports car designer shops, Yacht Parties, Travelling the world on the best Airlines in top Class seats only. Owning 4 Lamborghini’s, Aston Martins, Porsche Super Cars plus many, many more!

The Press and Media had a field time with me that I was labelled The Lamborghine Terrosit.

Not a day went by without an article or two appearing in papers, News Reports etc
Everything I owned had to be the VERY BEST or nothing at all!!…With this lifestyle, one creates loads who loves you and the minority who despises you.

It is in the latter that I woke one morning after a crazy 8 day party binge and decided to change everything and that was the start a fresh life of Love & Light.We are all born from the same hand, the same Creator and even though we look different, we are in this Beautiful Universe. I have spent the last 3 years improving what I believe to be the Best Version of me by way of first Forgiving myself for everything I did, everyone I hurt but called it business and anyone I ever offended by way of my lifestyle.

I further decided to Forgive everyone who said harmful things to me, about me, my business concerns and basically refreshed my beliefs in: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!I have written countless articles in which I emphasize the quality of your life depends on the quality of your feelings, thoughts and actions. For purpose of convenience, Lee Levy from Cape Town – South Africa is no longer the person who left South Africa all those many moons ago.

An improved soul with the only desire is to improve myself, improve everyone I know or yet to meet and dedicate myself to the Less fortunate of this world, the poorer souls, the homeless and also any person that requires guidance to return to their Happiness and Great Life that they meant to be.

Bruce Lee once said: 

There is nothing more dangerous than an Improved Soul

Love & Light

Lee Levy